Tony has been cycling since he first rode a bike. As a teenager he built BMX’s from second-hand scraps and took to the new MTB scene embracing kit like elastomer suspension until springs became trendy. He had a habit of breaking things. Cranks, wheels, frames, scaphoids, ribs and now has a DH bike, cross-country steed and Commuter road bike to fit inside the house on various hooks and brackets.

Life hasn’t always remained active though. At the end of 2011 Tony reached the end of a barren bike period and undertook to lose the weight he had gained whilst earning the title of “Fat Dad” as the bikes had slid into lack of use whilst raising his young family. 2012 saw him train regularly and taking part in a half marathon, the Great North Run as well as completing his first 120 mile bike ride. Tony now regularly talks about himself in the third person as well as commuting to work by cycle, a 40 mile round trip.

In October 2012 he traversed the north of Spain following the famous “Camino Frances” the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain following the ancient route to the tomb of the apostle, St James the Greater. A journey of 845 Km in 6 days. Tony wrote about his journey in this blog and hopes to continue to update for a long time to come.

Life has changed for the fitter. This year he is concentrating on enjoying the new level of fitness and riding more socially. Please see his other general cycling blog the cyclists emporium

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