A better explanation than I could ever give!

The high road and the low, the long and winding, the lonesome, the royal. The open road and the private. You have the road to hell, the tobacco road, the crooked, the straight and the narrow. There’s the road; stretching into infinity, boardered with lacey mists favoured by sentimental poets. There’s a more dignified road of Mr Frost, and for Yanks, every four years there’s the “road to the White House”. There is the right road, then you have the road which more concerns me today; the wrong road. Which I fear I must surely have taken….

Jack (James Nesbitt) 

How do you explain to someone else the feel of this journey? When I’ve been cheeky enough to tell others I’m “Doing a bike ride across Spain, will you sponsor me?” I’ve been asked for more details: “It’s the Camino Frances, the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, the tomb of St James.” I may as well have been talking in Spanish…..

It’s my fault really, I’ve become familiar with the route, it’s origins and history. I just expect that others have heard about it. So when I came across this film (featuring an actor whom when I hear his name as part of the cast, I just know it’ll be worth watching: James Nesbitt) I bought the DVD, now ok, the storyline has to be enough to carry you through. A section in the middle about gypsies I could have lived without; but the feel of the camino is there. If you are on “lovefilm” or “Netflix” or whatever, please give it a go. you never know. you might be buying walking boots next…..

The Way

Martin Sheen, plays Tom, an American doctor who comes to St. Jean Pied de Port, France to collect the remains of his adult son, killed in the Pyrenees in a storm while walking The Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James.

This blog: Tony Hemans and Glen Eccles will be cycling the Camino Frances from St jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela covering 800km in 6 days in October 2012. Tony hopes to raise a little for charity along the way as he prepares for the journey. His charities are; SANDS – Stillbirth and neonatal death charity, website: http://www.uk-sands.org/About-Sands.html  and; CLIC sargent – for children with cancer, website: http://www.clicsargent.org.uk/Aboutus I’m not just bothering people for charity either so if you are trying to get fit, planning an adventure, long distance cyclist or just curious about my mid-life crisis then subscribe and share!

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