Camino cycling training update.

Just found this on Tesco’s (supermarket) greener living website:

Did you know?

Get fit and save money by cycling.

  • Regular cyclists are as fit as an average person 10 years younger.
  • Cycling for 30 minutes, six days a week, achieves the same weight loss as three aerobics classes a week.
  • Even if your commute costs just £1.20 a day, you’ll save over £200 a year cycling instead.

That first point makes you think doesn’t it?

My Cycling so far:

4th May 2012 work and back. 64 km.

5th May 2012 home from work. 32 km.

6th May 2012 from home to work. 32 km.

13th May 2012 from work to home. 32 km.

13th May 2012 from home to work. 32 km.

23rd May 2012 from work to home. 32 km.

24th May 2012 from home to work. 32 km.

Result= 256 km in May.

Had to true the back wheel after 60 miles and got my first puncture this morning. Ah…. that’s a Dear Diary moment!

So, for the training log I’ve started cycling. The work commute will enable me to still run in the day. I’ve bought cheap lights from the supermarket and a couple of water bottles plus cages (£4 each, cheap as chips….) After years of using a water bladder system I think bottles for road use win outright. for one reason alone, they stay cool.

I’ve mounted a large cycle holder to the wall in the hallway at home so arriving and leaving couldn’t be easier or more quiet at 5am, also, it’s out of reach of the kids who loved to turn the cranks on my bikes whenever they pass. My son is badgering for a father and son cycle trip. Involving camping…. see what I’ve started?

This blog: Tony Hemans and Glen Eccles cycled the Camino Frances from St jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela covering 845km in 6 days in October 2012.  If you are trying to get fit, planning an adventure, long distance cyclist or just curious about my mid-life crisis then subscribe and share!

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